April 13, 2012#

Wedding Inspiration 101

Inspired but paralyzed? Couples are now facing more and more options, from reception decor to color palettes.   With different colors created each year and making sure your reception has a fresh and personalized style, it’s becoming much more difficult to focus and gain direction in our ever evolving world.

More and more of our brides are now turning to inspiration boards to help sort through the beautiful clutter in their heads.  An inspiration board is simply a collection of your ideas and colors brought together in a collage.  Sites like Pinterest have made building an inspiration board much easier.  Inspiration boards are fun and easy to create, and best of all they help turn your vision into a reality!

Below is the inspiration board we created for our Modern Shore Wedding.  We started by selecting the colors.  We then found images that represented the theme.

Throughout the planning process we referred to this board.  It was used when meeting with vendors to help them visualize the event.

Referencing the inspiration board above, you can see how it gave our bride her direction to create her dream day.  She was able to create balance and flow by sticking to the areas on her board.

Wedding Planners, Central New Jersey
 Photo Credit: Sarah Postma Photography


Inspiration Board Credits:

Flowers: www.preparetowed.com

Bridesmaid Dresses: www.barijay.com

Coral and Green Wedding Invitations:  www.sugarriverstationers.com/

Lanterns: www.100layercake.com/blog/

Suit: www.asuitthatfits.com

Pillows: www.zunigainteriors.blogspot.com

Be Inspired!





April 5, 2012#

Exciting Escorts

Escorts Cards may be little, but they pack a strong punch.  They are one of the first things your guest will see and set the stage for what’s to come.  From hanging to folded to labeled on a water bottle, let your escort cards echo the incredible reception that awaits your guests.  Why not have a little fun and think outside the box, from DIY cards to boards that inspire…. check out my top 5 escort ideas!


Rustic Wedding Board

This is great for weddings at a farm, winery or any rustic venue.  It might take a few garage sales, but once you find that old window frame you are set.  Get some twine and print out cards by table.  **To make it easier for guests, don’t forget to alphabetize by last name on each table card.  If you paint the window frame over, you could also have it serve double duty and make it your guest book.  Have each guest sign a part of the window and it can act as an art piece for any space in your home post wedding.

Escort Card

rustic board

Quenching the Thirst

Since your guests will just be arriving, this escort card idea serves dual function, to inform and to satisfy.  This idea would work great for any type of wedding, from using glasses of champagne to your favorite beer, this escort card is sure to please.  This is also a way to highlight your signature drink!  For those who want to stir conversation, you can also write guests’ names infront of a shot glass and have them put one back to find their table number at the bottom of the glass.

escort cardsescort cocktail

escort card

escort drink

Hanging by a Thread

Create a whimsical feel by hanging your escort cards.  Hanging cards are great DIY projects, there are so many materials to choose from, clothing lines, ribbon, or pin / hang from an outdoor element (like a tree).  Just make sure to test your idea so your guests aren’t stuck trying to get their seating card released!

escort cardhanging cards

escort cardspinned cards 

Beautiful Boards

Ribbon boards are a great way showcase your color scheme and show off your creative side.  There are a multitude of takes on this type of board, you could hang individual cards from it or create larger table cards. You could include pictures from your engagement shoot throughout or stick flowers in between the rows.

escort cardsribbon boards

Finding your Niche

Using luggage or other props in the décor of your wedding?   Why not incorporate that into your escort station.  Getting married at a winery, use extra wine glasses or corks to hold your cards.  If you are using something personal, such as a cake topper that is two love birds or labeling your tables as cities visited together instead of numbers.. use those ideas as inspiration for your escort cards.  Carry the love birds through from escort to cake by putting the cards in small nests or use postcards from the various cities as your guest’s seating guide.. the possibilities are endless!

 escort cards

engraved elements

escort cards

creating a feeling

Remember, have fun!!