June 24, 2012#

DIY Boutonniere

Whether you have a DIY wedding, are looking to save some money here and there or just like easy craft projects, today’s blog post is for you!  Any budget can be stretched by flowers but you can cut a few corners by making the boutonnieres for the men in your party…especially if they aren’t flowers!

With the summer here, why not try dried flowers (which last longer and you can certainly make ahead of time).  These are perfect for a rustic, garden or outdoor wedding.  Dried flowers are cost effective and depending on the flower or plant, can last a really long time.  Dried twigs or branches (like beautiful white birch) are beautiful too.  Think about your wedding season and the plants that are abundant during that time.

Photo Credit: FayeMarie 

Feathers are also a great alternative and may even be more masculine than flowers.  Feathers in matching or accenting/contrasting colors from your theme is a good place to start.  Feathers don’t have to be ultra feminine or delicate.  What about pheasant feathers or another feather that’s been dyed or bleached?  The men in your party will appreciate you keeping them in mind here and thinking about their likes/dislikes and what best compliments their suits or tuxes instead of something that distracts from their overall look.

Photo Credit: SwipeLife


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Berries or herbs are also fantastic and fragrant!  A sprig of rosemary looks great and the aroma of basil or mint are delightful!  You can add fun accents to add another layer of color: mini acorns, pine cones or seashells and sprigs of blades of wheat grass.  How about wheat or another harvest grain?  What a beautiful neutral color that adds such great texture too!

Photo Credit: Sarah Postma Photography

Photo Credit: Flower Arrangement Advisor 

For the peacock inspired boutonnieres I made, I chose the best feathers and trimmed them up a bit so the edges were a neat rounded shape.  I also complimented the purple tones with a purple-dyed dried wildflower accent.  I simply wrapped the two together with floral tape and then covered that with a matching satin ribbon.  I had fun making these and it was so easy.  An afternoon in front of the TV and I made all 8!

Photo Credit: Amie Schroeder Photography

What about paper flowers and accents or try your hand at fabric flowers if you’re good with a needle and thread or a sewing machine.  Whatever your fancy, remember: there are plenty of options besides real flowers.  The trends are endless but remember to keep things simple and classic.  Less is more.  And remember the wedding theme, location and colors.  Here are some photos to give you inspiration!

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Photo Credit: My DIY Wedding Day

Photo Credit: Luulla

Get your friends & bridesmaids involved & happy DIY crafting! =)



June 15, 2012#

Pinterest Pics: Beautiful Backdrops

One of our favorite wedding trends has to be beautiful ceremony backdrops.  Attention has always been paid to decorating the aisle, but lately we have noticed couples are finding ways to incorporate their personalities into their ceremony by creating the perfect backdrop to say “I DO.”  We have seen so many great backdrops on pinterest, we wanted to highlight some of our favorites.  The best part about many of these backdrops is they are DIY projects.

So, how do you come up with the perfect backdrop for your wedding?  Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm!

1. Venue: Think about your venue and ways you can highlight elements that are already there.  For example, this fabric backdrop was perfect for a ceremony taking place in an old fabric factory.

Photo Credit:  Sweet Water Portraits via Style Me Pretty

2. Colors:  Creating a backdrop in your color palette is a great way to bring life to your ceremony.  How cool is this vibrant red backdrop made of rosette pinwheels!

Photo Credit: Anna Page Photography via Ruffled Blog 

3. Meaning: What do you want your ceremony to represent about you as a couple?  Maybe you want to highlight your culture or family traditions.  Or symbolize words like “fun” and “happiness”.  We love this idea or creating a backdrop of 1000 Paper Cranes.  Yes, this idea may take a little more time to create..but it certainly makes a statement!  And you can let your guests know the meaning behind the backdrop, 1000 Paper Cranes symbolizes a thousand years of happiness and prosperity for the couple.

Photo Credit: The Boho Wedding Blog

4. Lighting: Depending on the mood you are trying to create, you may be able to incorporate lighting elements into your backdrop.  This backdrop incorporated bistro lights which helped create a romantic setting for an evening ceremony!

Photo Credit: Steven Michael Photography via 100 Layer Cake 

Whatever backdrop you decide on, have fun and be creative!!

<3 Jenn