July 9, 2013#

DIY Wedding with a Nautical Twist


One of our recent brides Krista incorporated lots of fun DIY elements into her Nautical themed wedding.  She was nice enough to write up some tips on creating the perfect DIY wedding!  Here is what she had to say…

Who doesn’t love a good DIY project?  I have unashamedly spent hours scouring Pinterest, exploring the hidden gems of twine, rope knots, and mason jar projects for my nautical-themed wedding. While Pinterest tried to convince me that I could redo my home bathroom or build a lantern from scratch, I had to buckle down and really visualize the simple but treasured DIY projects that would give my wedding a personal touch.  Here are some of my projects and tips for the ultimate DIY nautical wedding.

Small project success.  

After counting, I realized that I worked on about 20 projects for the wedding.  While these sound like a lot, most of these projects were extremely manageable and budget friendly, but they still added a personal touch to our wedding.

We purchased chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby, spray painted them white, and my husband (wood master that he is) created stands for the letters using old wood pieces.

I found these adorable paper straws that come 300 in a pack at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for only $5. To add to the nautical theme, I ordered navy paper flags from Etsy that come out to $1.25 for 25 flags.  With some glue dots, this was an easy DIY project. You could make your own flags too if you’re in the mood for more projects.


Streamline your paper projects.  

I spent weeks perusing Etsy for the graphic designer of my dreams, Bejoyfulpaper.  Customizing your wedding is strategic, not something to be thought of right before creating the ceremony programs.  I worked with Kate on creating a logo for my wedding, used on the save the dates, table numbers, water bottle labels, and more.

She helped me create an experience for my guests from start to finish through all of our paper projects. I was even able to create on my own by utilizing the same fonts, colors, and logos that she created.

Innovate your invites.

If you’re going the DIY route, I cannot encourage enough how important it is to give your invites special attention!  My invitation card was great, but I also requested a custom RSVP card and direction card, so that everything flowed together.

To top it off, I purchased navy colored envelopes and a coral paper sash from Paper Source and hand wrote the addresses for a real personal touch.  Friends and family loved having such a custom invitation delivered to their door.

Create a signature project. 

One project should take the cake (wedding humor!) for the most detail, time, and most prominent display at your wedding.  For me, it was my “message in a bottle” escort cards to complete the nautical theme.

I found a great and easy escort card DIY tutorial and set out on a quest to find the bottles. After multiple (and I mean multiple) trips over several seasons, I actually found them on clearance and traveled to a few local stores with the reduced price of $7.  You never know when you can find a good deal – and you always have to keep looking.  Inside the paper, I wrote a special “fun fact” about my groom and I.

Through over 20 DIY projects, there were only two casualties.  One was my bank account, though I did manage to stay on budget with all of these projects, with a little help from my mom!  The other was a knee injury I sustained on yet another trip to Michaels, tripping while reading my shopping list.  My best advice for the DIY brides out there?  Have fun, and wear knee pads.


Photo Credit: Sarah Postma Photography

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