January 16, 2012#

Just In Case

No matter how prepared you are heading into the big day it never hurts to prepare a kit of “just in case” items.  Over the years we have seen everything, from a broken zipper to allergy attacks.  There are many pre-made kits for sale out there (like this one http://mymojuba.com/bride-mojuba/) but for the DIY bride a trip to Wal-mart is all you need.  If you don’t have a day-of coordinator ask your Maid of Honor or close friend to take responsibility of the kit.

Although nothing could ruin your wedding day, our list of “just in case” items will solve any stressful moments that may arise.


Lip Gloss, Eye Makeup, Clear nail Polish (good for both stocking runs and split nails), Safety Pins, Bobby Pins, Hair Spray, Curling Iron, Double Sided Fashion Tape, Perfume, Deodorant, Nail File


Advil/Asprin, First Aid Kit, Allergy Medicine (if needed), Pepto-Bismol, Hand Sanitizer, Smelling Salts (just in case someone faints), Band-aids


Crackers, Energy Bar, Water

Lint Roller, Stain Removal Wipes, Tissues, Scissors, Sewing Kit, Cell Phone Charger, Mints/Gum, Umbrella’s


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