March 20, 2012#

How To; Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are easy to make and give that extra touch to any party!  Use various shades or different colored paper for added flair.

To start, you will need tissue paper, scissors and green pipe cleaner

1. Cut tissue paper into rectangles of desired size, usually 5 x 7 (larger rectangles produce bigger flowers) Stack around 15 pieces of tissue paper. Use the same color or different colors. If you want to use a smaller number of pieces of tissue paper, flower will not be as full.

2. Accordion pleat the tissue paper working from the long side (fan fold), once paper is folded into one thin rectangle secure middle with pipe cleaner and trim the ends of both sides (round or pointed)– snipping the ends round or pointed creates the petal shape


3. Gently separate each layer pulling upwards toward the middle of the flower, then do the second side.



Final Results will vary, estimated time per flower 15 minutes.. enjoy!!

For more paper flower inspiration, please visit paper flower creations 


photos by: http://origamiowls.blogspot.com and www.stlylemepretty.com