August 15, 2012#

Slim Down: Getting Fit for Your Wedding

We all know planning a wedding can be really stressful; dealing with vendors, family, guest lists, colors…you name it.  With all the variables fighting for your attention to get planned, when can you possibly find the time to exercise and get the best you possible?! I know this question creeps into our minds in the very beginning, but no matter how long or short your engagement is…it is important to make time for yourself!  In doing so, why not use the opportunity to get healthy and feel energized. Exercising is one of the best ways to deal with stress and builds up your endurance for the late night crafting… and the bonus…looking great on your wedding day (and long after)!

We asked Taylor Valentine, founder of Taylored Fitness, a few questions about getting fit for your wedding.  Here is what she had to say:

What are the top things you can do to get in shape for your wedding?

1. Exercise! Well, this one is obvious…Working out actually improves your mood by 200%! Make a weekly plan of when you’ll be working out and stick it where you’re forced to see it daily.
2. Get sleep! Late nights and early mornings will derail your fitness goals.
3. Start a food journal! Simply, keep a list of what you eat all day (Nothing fancy!) This will keep you accountable on your fitness journey.
4. Don’t go on a crazy fad diet! Strict diets set their followers up for failure! Start slow and add in healthy foods like fruit, veggies and raw/natural nuts (try these unroasted gems and get some good omega’s in!) (Snacks play a huge part in weight gain…so, beware!)

How long should you give yourself to get in shape?

The earlier the better! But at least 6 months! If your goal is weight loss, going about it slowly is the best way. No one wants to talk about excess skin but it’s real. A slower exercise plan is a good way to minimize this scary reality! PLUS if you start with a crazy exercise plan, you’ll burn yourself out before you see results!

What should you eat the month, week, day before, and on the wedding day?

Lay off the salty stuff! Sodium causes bloating! It’s also very important to be drinking enough water. The rule goes as follows: You should drink half your body weight in ounces every day. So if you’re 160lbs then you need 80ounces of water! It seems like a lot but that’s only 8 cups!

As for the day of the wedding, big meals aren’t going to be an option. So, make sure to have healthy snacks on hand. A few good options include fruit, cheese/crackers, nut butter/whole grain bread, hummus/veggies or anything with protein!

What are some ways to keep you motivated throughout the process?

In order to achieve success, I personally believe that in any aspect of your life you should only start one new thing at a time. This is really important in health and fitness. You wouldn’t want to start a new job and quit smoking the same day (How hard is that?!?) So, one good way to stay motivated during your new fitness endeavor is to either start with a better nutrition plan or an exercise plan. Starting both at the same time is just setting yourself up for failure and you want to win this battle! Take 4-6 weeks to get used to an exercise regimen and then slowly incorporate a better diet into your life!

What can you do after the wedding to keep the weight off?

Here’s the cold hard truth. If you want to live a long, healthy life then you have to be a healthy person. Fitness is not just a fad; it’s a LIFESTYLE. YOU have to make fitness and health a priority in your life. Surround yourself with people who put their health first and that will definitely lead you in the right direction.

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<3 Jenn

Photo Credit: amelitraining.com