April 13, 2012#

Wedding Inspiration 101

Inspired but paralyzed? Couples are now facing more and more options, from reception decor to color palettes.   With different colors created each year and making sure your reception has a fresh and personalized style, it’s becoming much more difficult to focus and gain direction in our ever evolving world.

More and more of our brides are now turning to inspiration boards to help sort through the beautiful clutter in their heads.  An inspiration board is simply a collection of your ideas and colors brought together in a collage.  Sites like Pinterest have made building an inspiration board much easier.  Inspiration boards are fun and easy to create, and best of all they help turn your vision into a reality!

Below is the inspiration board we created for our Modern Shore Wedding.  We started by selecting the colors.  We then found images that represented the theme.

Throughout the planning process we referred to this board.  It was used when meeting with vendors to help them visualize the event.

Referencing the inspiration board above, you can see how it gave our bride her direction to create her dream day.  She was able to create balance and flow by sticking to the areas on her board.

Wedding Planners, Central New Jersey
 Photo Credit: Sarah Postma Photography


Inspiration Board Credits:

Flowers: www.preparetowed.com

Bridesmaid Dresses: www.barijay.com

Coral and Green Wedding Invitations:  www.sugarriverstationers.com/

Lanterns: www.100layercake.com/blog/

Suit: www.asuitthatfits.com

Pillows: www.zunigainteriors.blogspot.com

Be Inspired!





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